Retreat Leadership Fees (2019)

Standard retreat/speaking fees are as follows:

          Workshop/retreat (1-2 hours):  $200

          1/2 day retreat (2-3 hours):  $300

          Full day retreat (5-6 hours):  $600

          Overnight retreat (1-2 hours the first night and 6 hours the following day):  $800

Pre-event consultations, program development and on-site leadership are all included in this fee.  Travel & lodging expenses are in addition to the program fee.  

Handouts and materials can either be provided by the host organization (pdf files will be provided so you can easily make copies) or by Belly of the Whale for an additional fee.  

We wish for these meaningful opportunities of spiritual growth & wellness to be available to all and will gladly work with you to determine fees that fit within your budget.  Please contact Pastor Sharon directly with any questions at 216-224-7452 or