Lying Fallow

For six years you shall sow your land and gather in its yield; but on the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow. Exodus 23:10-11


FALLOW - My word for the year is an odd one this time around. Initially I thought my word would be something lovely and inspiring like "light" or "grace." However, during this winter season of hibernation and rest, the unexpected word FALLOW has been percolating within me.  Perhaps is it time for me to "lie fallow" for awhile? Perhaps this is the season for me to tend the fields that have already been sown, but not to plant any new seeds - to let the soil of my soul rest and replenish? Reflecting and praying with this idea has already infused new life into my weary spirit. 

I invite you to consider what "lying fallow" might mean to you.  Where do you need to rest for a season so that you can tend to the fields that have already been planted?  Hold tight to the reassurance that God is good and God is with you through every season - even the fallow times. Thanks be to God! 

Advent Speed Bumps 2017

It has become an annual tradition of sorts to share what I affectionately call "Advent Speed Bumps" as a way of helping me/us to slow down from the often frantic pace of the holiday season.  Here are a few suggestions for this year...

Walk slowly on purpose - We often don't realize how fast we are walking from one thing to the next.  Even when we aren't in a rush, we rush out of habit. Next time you are rushing from here to there, purposefully slow your pace, breath deeply and remember the reason for the season.   

Take 10 minutes to eat one Christmas cookie - You may think that I have lost my mind with this one, but bear with me. We are so often eating in a rush - grabbing lunch, snack or treat on the go.  Why not slow down, take just one cookie, savor it and delight in the flavors of the season.  

Cell phone Sabbath - Turn off the phone.  Yep, just turn it off.  The cyber world will go on fine without you.  Start with just a few minutes and build up to a few hours.  Set your phone so you can receive emergency notifications if need be, but let the rest of it go for awhile.  Freedom from the constant pings can be a much needed breath of fresh air.  

Speed Bump.png

Giggles are like kisses on a mother's heart

One of my daughter's friends is staying with us several night's a week this year so that she can graduate from high school in the district she has been attending since kindergarten. It is fun having a "second daughter" for a few months! For Halloween they even dressed up like Daphne and Velma with Bear as their honorary Scooby Doo! Especially as we approach Thanksgiving, I give thanks for their lifelong friendship, their unwavering support of one another and their frequent fits of giggles. In a recent conversation with Abby's mom, she commented that hearing their laughter is like "kisses on my heart as a mother."  I couldn't agree more!  On days when the weight of the world can feel almost too heavy to bear, I pray that I may have ears to hear the God-given gift of giggles. Gracious God, may we receive the gift of your joy in our daily lives.  And in turn, we offer you the gift of our laughter like "kisses on a mother's heart." Thanks be to God! 


Bare Bear

Five years ago we got a dog - a standard poodle that wouldn’t shed.  Bear became part of our family and we fell instantly in love.  Last year we noticed something strange - our non-shedding dog was shedding.  Slowly, his chocolate brown hair turned grey, turned brittle and started falling out by the handful. Bear was eventually diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Sebaceous Adenitis.  With treatment his hair initially grew back, but now our “non-shedding” dog is shedding again.  He doesn’t know that he looks like a mangy scraggamuffin. He is just happy to be loved and cared for.  I could learn a lot from our bare Bear.  When life doesn’t work out as I expect, I would do well to remember that I am loved and cared for.  On any given day, I may look or feel like a scraggamuffin, but God loves me anyway.  Thanks be to God! 


Summer Speed Bumps

“Come all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Mt 11:28


Spiritual direction: Embrace spiritual self-care by meeting with a spiritual director.  Learn more and find listings of certified spiritual directors in East Ohio at, nationally at (Fellowship of United Methodist Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders), or globally at (Spiritual Directors International).


Color:  Bring your colored pencils, Bible and coloring books to a local park. Relax, pray and bask in the beauty of God’s creation.


Sleep:  Allow yourself a guilt-free, 20-minute nap smack dab in the middle of the day. Savor a moment of rest & renewal. 


Sing loudly:  Roll down the car windows, feel the breeze, and belt out your favorite tunes.  No need to stop singing at the stop lights – bring a smile to your fellow drivers as you make a joyful noise to the Lord! 

Everyday Easter Prayer

Gracious God, when Good Friday lingers in my heart,

   roll away the stone of my doubts and

   surprise me with angels in the garden. 

When headlines proclaim death, violence and loss,

   remind me to fear not. 

When grey skies hang heavy overhead,

   shine your Son-light on me. 

When medical worries overwhelm my body and mind,

   lighten my heart with hope. 

When bonds of anxiety weigh me down,

   lift me up. 

Like steam rising from my morning coffee,

   rise again in my daily life. 

Every day is Easter day.

   May I have eyes to see. Amen.  

Slow Down & Celebrate the Son-rise!

     Every January, I have a few friends who prayerfully select a word to serve as a spiritual touchstone through the year ahead.  This year I decided to give it a try, but rather than choosing a single word I felt drawn to a phrase - “Trust in the slow work of God” from a beloved prayer by Teillhard de Chardin.

     I chose these words, in part, because of a little health scare I had last fall. As I rearranged plans, cut back on activities and underwent medical tests, I tried to remember to slow down and “trust in the slow work of God.”  Fortunately, it ended up being much ado about nothing.  The doctor concluded that I was doing too much and the stress was affecting my health. When I commented on the irony that what I do for a living is help people slow down and find spiritual balance in their lives, I will never forget his response… “Often we teach what we most need to learn."

     Throughout Lent, I have been slowly learning how to “give up” the societal myth that we need to do more in order to prove our worth.  Instead, I seek to embrace the resurrection promise that everlasting life is not based on how much we do, but simply on who we are - beloved children of the living God.  That is enough.  You are enough.  I am enough.  This Easter, may we trust in the slow work of God and celebrate the Son-rise! 

Guest Contributor - Kristen Vincent

Beads of Healing:  Prayer, Trauma and Spiritual Wholeness

        My story is never alone. It always leads to others. I will be speaking with a group, telling my story of trauma, pain, and healing, and inevitably someone in the audience will then share some part of their story with me. That leads to connection, conversation, new insights, and hope. Sister Kathleen Flood calls this a process of forming a complete picture of God’s love: as people share pieces of their stories, over time we craft together a larger story of God’s grace. We realize we are not alone. Better yet, we understand that pain does not define us, nor does it have the last word. God’s love has the last word, always and everywhere. 

       I spent years - decades even - going to therapy to try to heal from my trauma, and while the therapy was critical to my healing, there was always something holding me back. I was never able to move beyond a place of fear. It wasn’t until I brought my pain to God that I understood the spiritual aspect of my trauma. I had questions and feelings that only God could address. Once that happened, I moved from a place of fear to peace.

       My hope is that Beads of Healing will help others see they are never alone with their story; their story does not define them. So too, I hope it helps people recognize that wholeness involves emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. If they can learn to speak their truth before God, heal their spirit, and experience God’s peace, then we will begin to hear their stories of peace. And Peace, indeed, will have the last word. 

Beads of Healing – 20% off

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Candlelight Breakfast

   For those of us in the northern hemisphere, these are some of the darkest days of the year.  It is not unusual to head out for work or school in the pitch dark and then return home at the end of the day in that same all consuming obscurity. Rather than give in to the darkness, however, why not embrace it!  Consider the darkness as an invitation to light a candle. 

   Sometimes at my house, we brighten our dark morning routine with a candlelight breakfast.  Next to the candle we place a small piece of paper with this short prayer,


God’s light shines through you.

God’s light shines through me.

God’s light shines through everyone we meet.

Look for it!


This simple little practice of lighting a candle and saying a prayer during breakfast has become a lovely addition to our dark, winter mornings.  As we plunge head-long into our days, it is important to remember that God’s light does indeed shine through me, through you and through every single person we meet.  May we have eyes to see – even when (perhaps especially when!) that light is only a faint ember.  

Advent Speed Bumps 2016

For the past two years I have offered simple, practical “Advent Speed Bumps” to help us slow down during the Holy-days.  Check out past issues of Whale Spouts here on our website to see suggestions from years gone by.  So, again this year I invite you to take the countercultural stance of slowing down to savor the sacred season of Advent on your journey toward Christmas Day.  


Sing boldly:  Every morning when you wake up, chose an Advent or Christmas song you enjoy and belt a verse of it out at the top of your lungs.  Note I did not say anything about singing in tune.  Sing with joy, abandon and anticipation of Christmas Day to come. 

Advent e-Fast:  Gift yourself with a technology-free zone for at least one evening each week, in other words, a technology “fast.” Let others know that you are observing an Advent e-Fast and will not be returning texts, emails or calls after a certain time (perhaps from 6pm to 6am).  Instead read a book, linger over dinner with family/friends, take a long walk, pray or even simply go to bed early! 

Gaze at the stars:  Rather than racing into your home one evening, stand outside your door for a moment, look up and gaze at the stars.  Mary and Joseph, shepherds and magi all looked up at this same sky.  Allow these seemingly “timeless” stars, galaxies and planets to remind us of our interconnectedness throughout time and space.  God of all the universe is watching over us all.