Ducks in a Row

My Ignatian Spirituality Institute graduating class had an ongoing joke about how there was no need to worry about always having all of our “ducks in a row.”  In light of God’s constant presence, we could be assured that our “ducks” would be wherever they needed to be.  

  In the fall, the ducks (and geese) are not in a row, but rather in a V-formation as they fly south for the winter.  Apparently, the V-formation is an essential part of how birds support and encourage one another for the long journey ahead.  As each bird flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the bird following it.  In fact, Canadian geese can fly up to 71% farther by flying together in formation than if flying alone. When the bird at the front of the V tires, it drops to the back of the formation to rest while another bird takes its turn in the lead.  Additionally, when the geese honk or the ducks quack, they are motivating one another to keep on flying. 

What can we learn from the birds of the air?  How can we provide support and encouragement to one another on the journey?  Well, we need not worry about keeping our “ducks in a row.”  Instead, we can choose to fly in the V-formation of prayer; lifting each other up, sharing each other’s burdens and motivating one another to keep on flying. {C}