Dry Bones

A few years ago I was feeling rather spiritually parched and began wondering what might bring some life back into my dry bones.  I sensed that I was being gently nudged toward spiritual direction even though I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant.  Curious, I started to meet regularly with a spiritual director - full of the modest hope that my spiritual life would be completely transformed.

I tried to get into a prayer routine, any routine, but everything else got in the way – chauffeuring kids, laundry, homework, walking the dog, email, candy-crush.  Finding dedicated prayer time was beginning to feel like just one more thing on my “to-do” list.  This was not exactly the transformation that I had in mind.

My wise and gracious spiritual director offered these helpful words, “Sharon, be patient with yourself.  When you discover a way to pray that truly feeds your soul, you will hunger for it, and it will sustain you rather than burden you.” 

“True…” I thought, “but can this ever really happen in our crazy, busy lives?”  

Frustrated, but still longing for spiritual renewal, I continued to explore different times and ways to pray.  Then, I stumbled across St. Ignatius’ reminder to “find God in all things.”  I began to see prayer not only as time set apart from my daily activities, but as an organic part of them.  Slowly I began to unwrap the gift of prayer as a deeply integrated part of my everyday life.  Day by day, prayer has indeed become a source of sustenance, a cup of fresh water for my thirsty soul.

The dry bones of my spirit are coming back to life.  Some days these old bones even feel like dancing! I am grateful for the time spent with my spiritual director who helps me keep my focus right where I want it to be – on seeing God more clearly, loving God more dearly and following God more nearly, day by day.