Happy 524th Birthday, Saint Iggy!

Ignatius of Loyola (born October 23, 1491) encourages us to look for that of God in all things – whether standing in line at the grocery story, sitting in traffic, waiting at the hospital, coloring with children, waking in the morning or drifting off to sleep at night.  In the midst of the regular ‘ol stuff of our daily lives, how can we have eyes to see God’s presence in it all?


The daily examen prayer of St. Ignatius is a simple method for doing this. 

At least once each day (when possible!) consider this prayer... 

       1) Thank you God for your presence with me today. 

       2) When did I draw closer to you? I am grateful. 

       3) When did I move away from you? I am sorry.

       4) Please be with me tomorrow.  Amen.


In the spirit of St. Iggy, “Go forth and set the world on fire!”