Celebrate Epiphany


Epiphany is too important for just a single day.  Although not “liturgically correct,” I like to consider the time all the way from January 6 to Ash Wednesday as the season of Epiphany when we remember that God’s light shines in the darkness.   Because of this, I leave my Christmas/Epiphany lights up all the way to Lent (yes, you read that correctly!).  On Ash Wednesday, the bright lights come down and purple Lenten light bulbs go into the fixtures at all our doors.  My gracious neighbors are familiar with my odd ways and haven’t yet run me out of the neighborhood! 

Why do I go through this liturgical lighting ritual?  Because in the middle of a cold and dark winter, I need a little extra light.  I want to claim and proclaim the message of Epiphany – that the bright light of a star guided people to an encounter with Christ, that each and every one of us has a gift to offer the baby Jesus, that light overcomes darkness.  I realize my winter lights are a bit counter-cultural, but that’s okay with me.  Jesus was a little counter-cultural himself in the way he welcomed the outcast, dined with sinners, and taught us to love neighbors and enemies alike.

So, a blessed season of Epiphany to you all!  May the light of Christ shine brightly in your life today and always.