St. Hildegard's Pantry

Saturday, September 17 is the Saint Day for Hildegard of Bingen – a 12th century saint with profound wisdom for the 21st century. In addition to her role as a Benedictine Abbess she is also a renowned theologian, composer, playwright, environmentalist, healer and nutritionist. Hildegard was a woman ahead of her time as an advocate for healthy eating.  She believed that a proper diet could revitalize us and bring good health in every sphere – physical, spiritual and psychological. “Foods of joy” that Hildegard would have kept in her pantry include spelt, oats, almonds, cumin, dill and cinnamon. (Check out a recipe for delicious and healthy spelt pancakes in the September newsletter.)

This summer, my husband and I enjoyed visiting the Abbei of St. Hildegard in Bingen where we were revitalized in spirit by worship with the Benedictine sisters and revitalized in body by meals prepared from Hildegard’s “foods of joy.”

During the harvest season this fall, what “foods of joy” – both physical and spiritual – will stock your pantry? What are the spiritual practices that nourish your soul: worship, sacred silence, contemplative coloring, Bible study, walking in the woods?  And what healthy foods will you choose to nourish your body?  In the spirit of St. Hildegard, I encourage you to stock your spiritual pantry (as well as your kitchen pantry) accordingly!