Giggles are like kisses on a mother's heart

One of my daughter's friends is staying with us several night's a week this year so that she can graduate from high school in the district she has been attending since kindergarten. It is fun having a "second daughter" for a few months! For Halloween they even dressed up like Daphne and Velma with Bear as their honorary Scooby Doo! Especially as we approach Thanksgiving, I give thanks for their lifelong friendship, their unwavering support of one another and their frequent fits of giggles. In a recent conversation with Abby's mom, she commented that hearing their laughter is like "kisses on my heart as a mother."  I couldn't agree more!  On days when the weight of the world can feel almost too heavy to bear, I pray that I may have ears to hear the God-given gift of giggles. Gracious God, may we receive the gift of your joy in our daily lives.  And in turn, we offer you the gift of our laughter like "kisses on a mother's heart." Thanks be to God!