Advent Speed Bumps 2017

It has become an annual tradition of sorts to share what I affectionately call "Advent Speed Bumps" as a way of helping me/us to slow down from the often frantic pace of the holiday season.  Here are a few suggestions for this year...

Walk slowly on purpose - We often don't realize how fast we are walking from one thing to the next.  Even when we aren't in a rush, we rush out of habit. Next time you are rushing from here to there, purposefully slow your pace, breath deeply and remember the reason for the season.   

Take 10 minutes to eat one Christmas cookie - You may think that I have lost my mind with this one, but bear with me. We are so often eating in a rush - grabbing lunch, snack or treat on the go.  Why not slow down, take just one cookie, savor it and delight in the flavors of the season.  

Cell phone Sabbath - Turn off the phone.  Yep, just turn it off.  The cyber world will go on fine without you.  Start with just a few minutes and build up to a few hours.  Set your phone so you can receive emergency notifications if need be, but let the rest of it go for awhile.  Freedom from the constant pings can be a much needed breath of fresh air.  

Speed Bump.png