A Prayer for Healing after General Conference

It was a both a blessing and a heartache to be present at the recent special session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in St. Louis, MO (Feb. 23-26) as part of the team of translators (French). If you are not aware of the recent actions of the General Conference, click here for a helpful and hopeful summary of the event by my Bishop, Tracey Malone . 

The UM faith family is not of one voice with regards to the outcome of this General Conference and I wish to publicly state that I am NOT in agreement with the statement made by the UM global body. I will continue to raise my voice and boldly share my belief that the Gospel message is one of healing, hope, and redemption for ALL people regardless of your experience of human sexuality. Profoundly aware of the harm that has been done and hopeful for healing to come, I share this post-general conference poem/prayer with you as part of my own journey of healing. I pray that it may it be meaningful to you as well...

Global family reunion

3 days

3 nights

in the belly of the whale

Stormy seas

messy, stinky

and full of prayer

precious prayer

Spewed back out

gasping for breath

hearing our call

"Get up and go!"

Listen, fast, pray

sackcloth, ashes

God forgive us

new life comes

Full of grace, mercy

quick to forgive

slow to anger

abounding in steadfast love

Thanks be to God

Thanks be to God

Thanks be to God