How to use Mandalas, Candles and Prayer

Mandalas, Candles, and Prayer includes practical suggestions for use by small groups, families and individuals.  

Each chapter includes a brief story, an explanation of the weekly theme and related prayer method, a simple candle-lighting liturgy (easily adaptable for worship), questions for contemplation and conversation, and seven mandalas for contemplative coloring.

Simple and practical leadership guides on how to use Mandalas, Candles and Prayer will be added throughout the month of October.  Click on the highlighted links to learn more. I hope these will be helpful and make your use of Mandalas, Candles and Prayer even more meaningful...

     * A Guide for Small Groups 

     * A Guide for Families 

     * A Guide for Worship Leaders  (including a sample candle-lighting liturgy)

     * A Guide for Personal Spiritual Growth

     * Ten Tips for Contemplative Coloring