Program Possibilities

All retreats and workshops can be tailored to the interests of your group and

can be adapted to any length of time - two hours, full day, weekend or longer.


Praying with Mandalas: a contemplative, colorful practice

Prayer is being with God on purpose. God is always with us, but sometimes in the midst of the chaos we forget. Often we see prayer as over complicated or even dull, so it's no wonder that we sometimes find it hard to pray. We long for ways to pray that are simple and vibrant, so that we are eager to spend more and more time with God on purpose.

Praying with mandalas is an opportunity to bring this simplicity and vitality to your prayer life. It is a method that weaves together the recent interest in adult coloring with centuries old contemplative practices including centering prayer, intercessory prayer, lectio divina and the Ignatian daily examen prayer.
Praying with Mandalas is prayerful and playful way to "be with God on purpose" while finding some much needed prayerful rest.  


Sacred Silence 101: Rest, Reflection & Renewal Amidst Daily Life

If you long for a sense of stillness amidst the perpetual motion of your daily life, consider the spiritual practice of sacred silence. The experience of deep listening can be both enticing as well as intimidating. Step out of your comfort zone and learn contemplative practices that will help soothe your spirit as you listen for the still small voice of God.

Session Menu:

  • Meditation
  • Lectio Divina
  • Spiritual journaling
  • Praying with mandalas
  • Lengthening silence
  • Ignatian spiritual practices

Finding Your "Belly of the Whale": Lessons in Prayer from a Rebellious Prophet

Based on the four short chapters of the book of Jonah, explore spiritual practices that bring you deeper into prayer, closer to God and empowered to live as the person God has called you to be.

Session Menu:

  • Awaken to your call
  • Pray with a voice of thanksgiving
  • Get up and go
  • Love abundantly

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus: Simple Contemplative Practices to Connect More Deeply with Christ

How do we nurture the spirit of Mary in a world that celebrates the spirit of Martha? Experience a variety of contemplative practices to help nurture the Mary within. Even amidst our busy lives, we can create space to sit at the feet of Christ and choose "the better way."

Session Menu:

  • Centering Prayer
  • Daily Examen
  • Ignatian Contemplation
  • Lectio Divina
  • Spiritual Journaling
  • Foot washing
  • Sacred Silence
  • Breath Prayers
  • Praying with Mandalas
  • Prayer Beads